Our Career Services program helps jumpstart their careers, so that they may become competitive professionals and begin creating better lives for themselves and families.


While our academic programs equip students with knowledge and skills needed for their future careers, our Career Services program provides them useful resources and concrete paths towards job opportunities. Some of the services in the program include:

Job Vacancies and Recruitment Assistance - We regularly provide lists of job vacancies, assist with recruitment needs, and serve as mediator between graduates and partner institutions during the recruitment process. We also hold job fairs.


Partnership-Building with Employers - We maintain and continue to build our network of various organizations that may provide excellent employment opportunities to our graduates.


An Updated Database of Graduates - We help in graduates' job search by providing an updated database of graduates to partner companies seeking to recruit new talent.


Career Development Programs - We help our students become ideal recruits through workshops on professional development and job mastery.

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PHINMA SJCprovides students with more skills at every level so that they remain employable even if he or she decides to leave school prior to graduation. We also offer Career Services to students who leave school at any level to prepare them for the road ahead.

Preparing for the future