The Bachelor of Science program, major in Psychology provides basic knowledge and skills that will prepare students to become well-rounded psychologists in the future. Our program focuses on providing training for psychological research and assessment. The program also includes classes on other natural sciences that can help prepare students for further studies in our psychology graduate program or medicine. Our program is also fitting for those who want to pursue law and business management. PHINMA Saint Jude College’s BS Psychology program is a Level 1 PACUCOA-accredited course.

Future Careers


Graduates of our BS Psychology program may work as a licensed psychometrician or work in the academe, or in the fields of human resources or research. Graduates may also pursue careers in medicine, law and business management. With further specialized training, graduates of this program may specialize in various fields within the discipline of psychology, such as clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, social, and industrial/organizational psychology.



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