The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program is a four-year course which focuses on teaching necessary foundational knowledge for pharmaceutical product development.  Through our program, we teach students on the essentials of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, and the life sciences. During their fourth year, we will assign students to intern in various CHED-accredited affiliated establishments to learn about the rigors of pharmacy practice. Their internship will expose them to various practice areas and prepare them for the roles they may take on after graduation. Graduates of the BS Pharmacy program must take the board exams conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission to qualify as registered pharmacists.

Future Careers

As registered pharmacists, graduates can work as professional pharmacists and pharmaceutical care providers. They can also put up and manage their own pharmacies. Another option available to them is to work in the regulatory affairs department of a pharmaceutical company or the Department of Health. Finally, they can also pursue a career in education as a researcher or college professor.



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